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They think he either has a leison on his spine or a blood clot putting pressure on it. Doc B gave him a cortizone shot and said to watch for improvement. After 1 week we could see minor lifting of the tail at the base. Today he seems to have feeling about 6 inches from the base, so there is improvement. Doc B says we should report back to him in 3 weeks with an update.

The reason he is saying amputate is he could injure it and not know it and gangrene could set in.

Michael is an indoor cat with outdoor privileges, so the tail getting injured and us not noticing is pretty slim.

He is 14 nearly 15, so unless he REALLY needs it amputated it isn't happening and the vet agrees. So we check him a couple of times daily to make certain the tail is fine. Right now his allergies are giving him kitty sneezing fits. LOL!




I would save up to do the repairs and painting. Those things need to be done even if you don’t sell in order to protect the wood underneath and repairs will be less costly than a major issue down the road too. How much are you putting on the debt each month? Can you drop it to minimum payments and build up cash to do the repairs? How much is the second mortgage payment and balance? Which one is bigger, the credit cards or the 2nd mortgage? What about interest rates on the guaranteed payday loan? Can you take on an extra job or two? I’d focus on getting the debt paid down on the one that gives you the most bang for your buck. Your goal is to be debt free before you retire, so once you sell the house and downsize, you should be debt free as well, I assume? Good luck!